Find out about VIP Bonuses, the Most Exclusive Casino Rewards

As a client of online casinos, you will come across several rewards when visiting your selected establishments to wager for real cash. The very first of these would be a welcome promotion following the registration process.

And as a regular, you will also get to benefit from seasonal promotions held on a weekly or monthly basis. However, there is also another category of bonuses which is made available to a particular group of clients known as VIP bonuses.

VIP Bonuses: An Introduction

Online casino rewards in this category are pretty different from the others due to the fact that they are not only offered to a specific set of clients, but are often available at top tier casinos.

Eligible players are generally those who tend to spend far more than the average casino client. Such visitors are often referred to as high rollers, a term that is also used to refer to these exclusive bonuses as well.

VIP Bonuses: Eligibility

vip bonus(es)

How do casinos decide what clients will make it into that select group which will get to benefit from perks which are far more impressive than the average player gets to enjoy?

  • Invitation only: Certain online casinos tend to extend invitations to clients they intend to elevate to VIP status. They also provide opportunities for their clients to be promoted further to higher levels when a certain level of expenditure is maintained. For example, a top tier online casino may offer additional levels of their VIP program such as Gold and Platinum, with an increasing level of benefits made available as each client progresses.
  • Accumulation of loyalty points: Certain virtual wagering establishments offer a multi-level loyalty points scheme. The highest levels are reserved for clients who spend impressive sums and registered casino members who accumulate the required number of points will get promoted and enjoy the benefits associated with these levels.

Examples of Exclusive Benefits Available vip bonus(es)

Clients who are eligible for VIP bonuses get to enjoy an impressive selection of benefits that range from generous casino bonuses to expensive gifts. These rewards may be generally divided into two categories:

  • Casino rewards: Certain online casinos provide clients promoted to this scheme with an exclusive high roller welcome bonus. They may also provide them with higher deposit limits, special high roller game tables where they can place high wagers and exclusive seasonal promotions. Clients who accumulate even higher loyalty points may receive a special reward from the establishment, cash prizes and may even receive a higher conversion rate for their loyalty points compared to regular visitors and even lower level high roller clients. Clients in this category quite often have their very own personal account manager who is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as a dedicated support team to ensure every aspect of their experience runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Casino gifts: Additional perks of being a client in this category include the expensive gifts high rollers get to receive. These include tickets to games and concerts, as well as cruises. These clients also receive invites to special events and even receive luxury holidays as well. They will also be able to look forward to expensive electronic gadgets and even jewelry in certain cases. What's more, the casino may even provide them with birthday gifts and weekend getaways as well.