Learn About Match Deposit Bonuses

match deposit bonus(es)

One of the biggest attractions for clients of online USA casinos remains the opportunity to enjoy free cash and free spins provided by several virtual gambling establishments.

Quite often, they take various forms that vary from one establishment to another. However, one of the most frequent of them which you are likely to come across is the category known as match deposit bonuses.

Match Deposit Bonuses: An Introduction

Offers in this category are free cash offers provided to you by a virtual a percentage specified by the casino and valid up to a maximum amount also set by the website.

It is also worth noting that online casinos also set a minimum amount which your payment will have to exceed in order for you to be eligible for the offer.

Quite often these rewards are offered as either welcome promotions to first-time clients or as seasonal promotions which may be provided on a weekly or monthly basis to regular players.

Match Deposit Bonuses and Welcome Promotions

One of the occasions on which you are most likely to encounter match deposit bonuses are as welcome promotions which will be offered to you as a first time client of an online casino website.

Quite frequently, this offer will be provided for a single payment. However, certain casinos may also offer these promotions for the first series of subsequent payments - up to four in certain cases - to varying percentage amounts, per payment.

  • First payment promotions: As noted above, these welcome offers are pretty common and are provided by gambling websites for the very first payments you make. Depending on the establishment, they may also come with free spins on a selected popular slot. An example would be an online casino providing a 75% match promotion for initial payments of up to $100, with a minimum payment of $20 required. As a result, a payment of $150 on your part will earn you an extra $75 with which to place wagers, bringing your account balance to $225.
  • Subsequent payment promotions: Occasionally, it is possible to come across gambling establishments which will also offer match deposit bonuses for additional payments you make following the first. On occasion this may include the second or third payments and certain gambling websites will even cover the fourth payment as well. It is worth noting that the percentages provided may differ per payment as may the maximum promotion limit amount. An example of such a promotional offer would be a welcome reward of 200% for a first payment of up to $250, 150% for second payments of up to $200, 100% for third payments of up to $150 and 75% for fourth payments of up to $100, with a minimum payment of $40 required.

Monthly/ Weekly Promotions

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In addition to welcome rewards, another occasion during which you are likely to come across offers in this category will be during the seasonal promotions which have become a staple of online casinos.

Offered on a weekly or a monthly basis, they are rather similar to first payment welcome offers although they may involve lesser amounts.

An example would be a website which offers reload rewards to clients on the 3rd of each month of 50% for payments of $150, with a minimum amount of $20 required for you to be eligible for the promotion.